Paper Scalpel Rock develops and delivers high fidelity simulation training events that enable participants to fully immerse themselves in real life scenarios. Highly refined and researched programmes allow participants to practise skills and responses with no risk to patients. The collegiate approach, in depth debriefing and case study workshops provide enhanced understanding of team dynamics in crisis situations and performance of clinical skills.

"Our objective is to provide innovative, high fidelity experiences that serve to extend the health professional clinically, professional and personally, ensuring improved outcomes for the patient and healthcare provider" - Dr Paul Scott


The words Paper, Scalpel, Rock underpin our philosophy. Our programmes and events are predicated on delivering in three key areas for our participants:


We are dedicated to enriching the knowledge of our participants.

Prior to attending an event, you are provided with a significant research and reading providing up to date and relevant preparation material. During our events, participants are provided with world class resources that enable them to gain optimum learning, results and experiences on the day. On completion, each participant gains certification in line with CPD requirements. There are a wide variety of materials available to participants on completion of the event all of which contribute to the CPD points for the event.


We are committed to enhancing the clinical, professional and personal skillset of everyone attending our events.

Our uniquely developed, hands-on scenarios provide an immersive environment and enable teams and individuals to develop preparedness and insight that is only gained through these real-world experiences. Creating a safe environment in which to explore, act, learn and adapt is critical to our programmes. Working in these conditions translates into high rates of skill acquisition and retention, improved real-world communication, collaboration, teamwork, and crisis management.


Our objective is improved outcomes for both patients and healthcare providers.

Experiencing PSR simulation events provides participants with a renewed perspective on the options and abilities they have to handle regular and potentially rare and challenging situations.

Event debriefs with our team, Expert led discussions and Case study based workshops all contribute to our participants achieving a rounded experience during the event. By working with their team and with a team of experts focused on providing a high fidelity experience, participants leave with a solid understanding of their options and actions. Rock solid outcomes essential to today's medical professional.

Like the game "paper scissors rock" our Live Events offer multiple options to test your skills. It is fast paced and results are immediate, the landscape is predictable however, what’s coming next is uncertain. It’s an environment of serious results yet at the same time it is fun and a great way to develop your skills and confidence.


The introduction of high fidelity simulation to the healthcare arena represents a significant shift in healthcare provider education. Our highly realistic simulations, world class environment and dedicated team ensures that the situation looks, feels and sounds real to elicit emotions and reactions to learn from.


  • More than 70% of attending doctors make improvements to their work practices
  • 100% of attending doctors find the course content to be useful
  • 100% of attending doctors recommend the course to colleagues
  • Gain CPD points recognised by ANZCA and other specialist medical colleges
  • Expand knowledge, skills and attitudes for improved patient outcomes
  • Take part in a leading edge experience
  • Utilise the latest in innovative practices and environment to develop best practice
  • Experience a collegiate learning environment