How do I register for one of your courses?

To register, simply click here to view our latest events and register your interest.

Do your courses count for CPD?

Yes, participants earn CPD points by attending our education propgrams. On completion of the event, we will issue participants with certificates indicating their attendance and participation.

Do different courses have different scenarios? Is there a benefit in attending your courses more than once?

Yes, we are constantly updating our scenarios to reflect current reality in the medical industry and product advancement. Ongoing attendance contributes towards CPD and ensures you are maintaining your skills in line with current thinking.

What do your courses cost?

Some events are partially or fully sponsored which will be reflected in the price of the event.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the course? Is there pre course reading material?

Many of our programs do include preparation. Once registered, you will receive a personalised log-on to the PSR education platform. Once you have logged on, you have access to a broad range of research, literature reviews and product information that will assist in your preparation for your Simulation Event. Time spent preparing for our courses may also contribute to your CPD tally.

Are there opportunities for me to work with PSR?

We are building a world class team of people and delivering leading edge simulation concepts. Our passionate team strives to continually improve the simulation events and the variety of additional services that PSR offers.

As we continue to develop and deliver leading edge events we are looking for the optimum team to facilitate them. To register your interest click here.

I would like PSR to run a course for a group of us. How do we do that?

PSR simulation events can be developed with specific groups / organisations to ensure tailored outcomes and results are achieved. We work with you to create an experience that ensures you are at the leading edge of professional development and education. To find out more, contact us.